Islam Debate: Jesus Christ Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World?



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Product #: IslamDebateVideo2  
Author(s): Watchman Fellowship
Contents: DVD 85 minutes, Plus instant video streaming to your phone or computer


This is the third debate formal between Muslim apologist, Khalil Meek, Executive Director of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, and the Christian apologist, James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship. The debate question:

Jesus Christ - Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World?

The worlds two largest religions, Christianity and Islam are divided on the identity of one Man - Jesus Christ. Was Jesus merely a continuation of a long line of prophets eventually culminating with the prophet Muhammad? Was Jesus more than a prophet? Was Jesus the the promised Messiah who would save His people from their sins?

Who is right? For 85 minutes in a formal debate setting, Meek and Walker discuss some of the questions separating the world's two largest religions.

  • Was Jesus a prophet of God or Savior of the world?
  • If Jesus was a Prophet, what did He prophesy?
  • Did Jesus prophesy that His words would not pass away?
  • Is equating Jesus with God the unpardonable sin in Islam?
  • Is it true that there is no Savior in Islam?
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