Islam Debate: Jesus Christ Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World?

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Islam Vs Christianity Debate: Jesus Christ Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World?
This is the third formal debate between Muslim apologist Khalil Meek and Christian apologist James Walker. BONUS: Includes instant access to stream the video to your phone or computer. (Running time 85-minutes)


Islam Debate: Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection

Muslim Khalil Meek Vs Christian James Walker
One converted from Christianity to Islam. One converted from Mormonism to Christianity. For two hours both men share their remarkable stories and debate the historical facts that divide the world's two largest religions. Who was Jesus? Did He really die on the cross? Did Christ truly rise from the dead?

Price: $20.00

Terror in the Name of God/Understanding Islam

Since the events of September 11, 2001, terrorism has become a much discussed topic. Because those events were carried out by followers of Islam, religion has also become an important part of the discussion. This Watchman Fellowship video gives an overview of religious terrorism and how it might affect you as well as providing specific information about the religion of Islam. [WATCH NOW: Instant Access Via Online Streaming; Running Time 36 minutes]

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The Cross or the Crescent

This video contains helpful information to enable Christians to understand and respond to Islam. This is a VHS Video not a DVD.

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False Gods of Our Time Parts: I-IV

False Gods of Our Time provides biblical evidence to demonstrate that there are sound intellectual reasons for a Christian world view. Three years in the making and filmed on four continents.

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