A Mormon's Unexpected Journey Vol 1

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   A fascinating read that gives deep insight into a Mormon’s mind and heart. Respectful, yet direct, Carma Naylor’s sincerity in recounting her journey from Mormonism to God’s grace is heartfelt and genuine. Yet, this is much more than a captivating, personal story that will help you relate to the reality of life’s trials.
   Thoroughly researched and packed with scripture, [Naylor] walks you, step-by-step through Mormon doctrines and challenges each one with the truth…. It will equip the new believer as well as the seasoned theologian to share the true gospel… with love and compassion.  Questioning Mormons seeking the truth have said this is the best book they have read to help them through the challenging transition from Mormonism to a surrendered life in Christ. This is not just another book about Mormonism; it is a must-read for every Christian.

Pastor Chuck Smith (founder of the worldwide Calvary Chapel movement): "a must read for any who have wondered what Mormonism is all about."

About the author:
Descendant of Mormon pioneers, Mormonism was more than a religion to Carma Naylor; it was her lifestyle, culture, and heritage. She was fully convinced it was the only true Church of Jesus Christ on earth. She fulfilled a full-time LDS mission to New Zealand, met her husband at Brigham Young University, was married in the Salt Lake Temple, and regularly attended the LDS temple ceremony for 19 years. She has eight children, thirty-two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She is now a born-again Christian desiring to help the LDS people whom she loves find a saving relationship with Jesus.

  • Paperback: 352-pages
  • Publisher: WinePress Publishing (August 8, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1579217583
  • ISBN-13: 978-1579217587

Volume 2 of this book is also available here: A Mormon's Unexpected Journey (Vol II)