What the Quran Really Teaches Book and DVD Set

Islam Vs Christianity Set (Book and 2 Debate DVDs)
  • Book: What the Qur'an Really Teaches About Jesus by James Walker (240-pages)
  • Debate DVD 1: Khalil Meek Vs. James Walker, Jesus the Cross and the Resurrection
  • Debate DVD 2: Khalil Meek Vs James Walker, Jesus Christ -- Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World?
  • Bonus Disc: Understanding Islam: A Christian Perspective

Price: $49.00

The Concise Guide to Today's Religions and Spirituality

Biblical, evangelical, and orthodox, this single volume supplies readers with a comprehensive, A-to-Z information source over 1,700 cults, occult groups, new religious movements, Christian churches, denominations, world religions, controversial doctrines, practices and spiritual leaders.

Price: $16.00

Watchman Fellowship's Profile Notebook

Profile Notebook (2021 Edition) Includes a subscription to all new Profiles through January, 2022. A custom notebook containing every Profile published bimonthly by Watchman Fellowship since 1993 (594 pages. Profiles are 4-page briefings on new religious movements, the occult, cults, New Age spirituality, and related doctrines and practices. Customers automatically receive new Profiles six-times per year as they are published. FREE SHIPPING (USA Only).

Price: $59.00

Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook

The military calls it "friendly fire" when our guns are fired at our soldiers. Even in the church Christians can take "fire" from other believers who think they are helping God. There is nothing friendly about it though when you are on the receiving end.

Price: $20.00